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A Responsive Website or a Mobile App?

You know your business needs a mobile presence, but how to best offer that experience without breaking the bank is something tons of companies, big and small, continue to struggle with.

Is it worth having a mobile app or should you just have a responsive website? How do you know whether you’re getting bang for your buck?

If you had asked this question back in 2009 or 2010, it would have been phrased, “Do I need a native app or is a mobile-optimized website enough?” In 2011 and 2012, the question again would have shifted to “native app or mobile web application?” Today, “responsive” is the buzzword.

As a result, it’s an increasingly popular option for companies that are looking to move into mobile, but that lack the budgets to support separate apps for each mobile platform and without the needs of something more complex such as a mobile web app.

The first thing you need to do is forget about buzzwords and lingo and focus on the actual needs of your business.

App or Website?

The basic question any business owner needs to ask themselves is, “Do I need an app at all?” If you’re a law firm who primarily interacts via in-person consultations or over the phone, then no, you probably do not need a mobile app.

Conversely, if you offer an existing web service for users logins and account management, a native mobile app is probably going to be a worthwhile investment, as it will provide tremendous performance benefits over using the mobile web.

It’s all about providing the most appropriate solution for your user base at the end of the day.


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