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Joomla websites, the issues in detail

Why are websites exploited?

Websites around the world are hacked on a daily basis leaving the entire website and in some cases, the entire web server useless. There are numerous reasons this happens and many people are left without closure; “Why has this happened to my website?”

There are many reasons why hackers attack websites but the most common of them all is achievement. In most cases where a website has been exploited, the attacker leaves behind a single web page containing nothing but the words “Hacked by ___”. This is usually to prove a point and show off amongst their friends. There are also many cases where exploited websites provide the attacker with an ability to e.g. distribute millions of SPAM emails or to use your web server to attack other high-security websites. Simply put, there are hundreds of reasons regardless of your website content.

So what’s the deal with Joomla?

Joomla is a great open-source Content Management System that offers the open-source community to contribute customised plugins, allowing you to choose & install plugns for specific functionality. The problem with Joomla and many other frameworks is that the plugins are almost always contributed by 3’rd party companies and individuals who may not have taken standard web security practices into account.

Unfortunately many plugins that have become widely used have been known to contain flaws. As soon as this is discovered, attackers attempt to exploit as many websites using these plugins as possible, with great success.

What’s the solution?

If you are using an open-source based CMS like Joomla, our advice is to do some research on the plugins that are installed and keep the CMS up-to-date as regularly as possible. We can assist you in finding out just how vulnerable your website is.

If you are deciding on a framework to use for your new website, we’d rather say contact us for more information first.


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